It may sound like such a simple thing to say, but how many times have you been talked into buying something you later realize does not fit your needs?  We buy things all the time based on our desires and our needs.  Food, furniture, clothes, etc…  Why should a purchase second only in cost to a home be any different?  It should not.  Your choice in buying a car, truck or SUV should be carefully thought out.



Remember though, this idea goes both ways.  As the buyer, you must be honest with yourself.  With vehicles, there is almost always some compromise between what you want and what you truly need.  Do you really NEED a sports car when you have a house full of kids at home?  Of course not.  This is an extreme example of course, but realizing what your most important needs are in a vehicle is the first step in being sure you purchase the right one.


Having already fought the needs versus wants battle in your own mind, you can then go shopping for your next used vehicle with some ammunition.  A good salesman will help you use this to find the right car for you.  You will know a bad salesman when you are having to use your ammunition against him.  If you feel you are being sold the vehicle that the dealer wants you to buy, walk away.  There are plenty of used car dealerships in the sea.

Have you ever rushed into buying a vehicle only to later regret it?


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